Dried Rosehips, hot water, cinnamon & sweetener of choice.


Grind dried rosehips in grinder until broken up into tiny pieces. Be careful when using power tools, like an electric grinder because the healing powers in the hips are released when ground. The ” dust” of the grind needs to remain in the container with a lid until settled. Hand grinding isn’t going to release much “rosehip dust” if any at all.

Place 2 TBS of ground up rosehips in a tea strainer, tea ball or paper filter of your choice with cinnamon sticks or powder. (Amount of cinnamon is your choice)

Pour 6oz of hot water- NOT BOILING into cup over tea ball/strainer/filter. Brew covered for 7-10 minutes, letting the steam & herbal powers remain in the cup.

Sweeten with honey, sugar or whatever sweet you prefer and enjoy!

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