Often I find myself convinced that I have grown to old for new tricks. Why add complicated steps to a system that already has proven 100% fool proof and successful? I know that I can walk and run at all paces with only the two legs God gifted me, you probably can too! Why then, would I ever add a third leg to trip over and complicate a smooth successful system?

That Insurance lady that once came to your home to sit with you at your kitchen table, to personally advise you through your financial protection plan for life, is where? Flipping garden soil I presume, given the new system in place for humanity. That subject is vast enough to have its own header, parent category with sub categories and tags without end.

That is the organized system that makes good sense to me. The system it is used on is the subject of the day. Technology, technical once and hopefully still means the literal, the detailed exact. Technology can be described in much the same way. Details described with descriptions from the describer. ” Described where & how?” is my continuous question.

Tumblr, WordPress.com, WordPress. Org, blog apps galore, google my business, get google visibility, Huffington Post. Do those words have meaning to anyone? Is money the only driving force in this world? That Insurance lady, in case of curiosity, sat for free in your home with you. She sat in 20 homes a day, for free. The assistance and service she provided was financially covered by a commission system that paid for only new sales not service. Who would ever charge for service? Personal service free, with and without purchase is genuine service that has a pure agenda- service.

“Do the the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.” Thats been said, written and applied to many success stories. Genuine free service promotes purchase, it’s like an introductory handshake that’s genuine. Numbers are a game and maybe the theory with tech is large numbers. Numbers, however are nothing without a name and a face to the genuine with a purpose far greater than numbers. A purpose of service.

How does one transfer to the system of “a machine does it all”? How many lifetimes are needed to learn these new tricks of tech and no real service or people?

Who wants to let me know this was even viewed? Is the machine the only source of awareness? How do I know who follows me? How do I know their names and emails without subscribe commitments I don’t know how to use? Who wants free freshly dried medicinal herbs and special herbal blend teas? How do I get them shipped without a subscribe button?

Technology is supposed to be an assistant. I’m ready for it to learn my language and proven system of success so that it may do its job so I can do mine. “What’s mine?” you say, Harvesting & caring for the Earths medicinal herbs on my way to your house with that Special blended tea- made just for you from me! That’s my job.

Does technology want to participate with me? There’s a store at your door and none of your feet need to leave the floor. ( They actually should ) The store is not published. The pay buttons are to many and to confusing to activate. Virtual transfers, virtual value, virtual currency- Yikes! Does technology realise I can just accept a check and cash. Tell me if you would mail cash? Who fears the P.O.D? Who really can help a self hosted WordPress double leg like me? Can I sell the abundance of plugins or just toss them to the sea? Maybe I can keep them. If I new how to use them they may benefit you and me! That’s the true goal here so let’s see.