Beginners and seasoned gardeners alike can enjoy the frugality of growing garlic. Beyond the frugal, the health conscious also can reap great benefits from growing garlic and making this medicinal food a part of daily consumptions.

Garlic contains potent medicinal properties far beyond keeping away the vampires. Only 42 calories per serving this, super flavorful healthy food contains:

Manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, large amounts of selenium, Calcium and potassium are a few of the important healthy healing nutrients found in Garlic. Along with immune strengthening ability this medicinal food can promote heart health by reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Garlic is a strong potent medicinal food that does more than add strong flavor to cuisine. Be sure to record consumption amounts and share that info with your health practioner if you are taking pharmacudicals for blood pressure issues or cholesterol control. Garlic is as potent if not more than what you may be buying at the pharmacy. Interactions will occur if consuming both without conscience.

As you may already see, growing Garlic is a frugal discipline for more than one reason. Buying garlic from the store may have minimal effects on your budget and time since it is affordable and you may already be at the market grabbing those items on your household supply list. The health effects however are secure in knowing how and with what your garlic was grown if you, yourself grew it. In addition to minimal benefits like that there is the pride and joy factor in successfully growing your own healthy healing medicinal food. Skipping a pharmacy visit and financial debit while keeping exercise alive in a routine can be very rewarding in deed. The peace of mind in having what one needs for good health in addition to delicious fun ways to consume it, I dare say is priceless.

How to grow Garlic yourself :


In the fall when most of the garden is getting put to rest the garlic bed is prepared and planted. For the folks using pots to garden or just want simple kitchen gardens in the home for everyday use, this medicinal food is ideal. Either in pots or a plot outside the main soil requirements are minimal with water being the element to focus on. Garlic is a root so soggy wet soil will rot the root. Keep soil moist not wet. Allowing the soil to become a little dry on top before watering will encourage large balb growth for your garlic.

Garlic is recyclable which is another frugal feature of growing your own. To plant Garlic just break the garlic balb into its separate clove pieces without injuring the independent cloves. (These are your next set of garlic balbs.) keep the skins on the clove. Let the cloves dry a day or so prior to planting.

Be certain this is a naturally grown garlic bulb without manufacture chemicals that inhibit bacterial growth because the balb may not grow at all due to what the manufacture put on it to preserve it. Labels may or may not indicate that info. The local grower and/or Farmers Market is a safe choice to purchase the Garlic. You can ask the grower directly about any pesticide used and even make a new friend!

Plant each individual clove 2″-3″ under the soil abot 4″ apart. Give them space to reach out and grow. Place the small point of the clove upwards. Water regular until sprouts appear.


Once the garlic sprouts appear, begin introducing some minimal dry drought on the first few layers of soil before watering again. If your garlic is to be grown inside the home near a window or under lights, watering is really the only task until harvest besides flower control. ( I’ll tell ya in a minute about that.) Outside garden plots have weed management requirements. Mulching can eliminate this chore. Keeping in mind the soil should not be soggy or wet the mulch should not be heavy or air flow restrictive. Black plastics or other garden fabrics, including news papers may hold to much water in the soil. A thin layer of straw ( not hay ) can resolve the weed issue while allowing the soil and plant to breath air freely. Keeping it frugal, the straw doubles as a winter protection ( fall planting ) and composting material.

Flowers forming on your Garlic plant need removed so that the energy remains focused at the balb- root level and not spent on producing flowers. Respectfully remove flowers at their first sign of appearance with clean garden snips. Those frugal with their time may just pinch them off with the fingers. Be sure the cut is clean no matter how it’s done. We want the plant healthy without wounds so it may grow at its maximum potential.


When the garlic has formed 5 or more leaves it is ready to harvest. For maximum growth allow the leaves to turn brown but be careful to not let the balb remain to long in the soil and begin to rot. To harvest these miraculous medicinal beauties simply pull them up out of the soil. Simple, I say but still caution and care is needed. The outside bed will need a tad encouragement with a shovel or trowel. Carefully loosen the soil a few inches around the bulb to encourage a smooth lift out. Pay attention to the force and placement of the tool used as to not cut, slice or injure your freshly grown Garlic balb during removal.

Now, great job! You have successfully grown your own Garlic naturally without chemicals or a great deal of effort. You now have your own supply of medicinal food that is healthy, healing and easy to use, preserve and store, that you can be proud of. In addition to those great benefits you may also be riding yourself of the costly, time consuming trip to the pharmacy for health solutions involving blood pressure, cholesterol control or even the simple vitamin C supplement many rely on for immune support.

For recipes and preservation of the harvest go to

There you will find instructions for preserving your harvest of many blessings from the Earth, along with recipes that are fun to incorporate in your daily diet for healthy healing and living.


The beauty in these babies makes one want to let them bloom and grow to their fullest state of gorgeous, not pinch them off. The beautiful solution is this, allow a few choice garlic plants to remain in their flowering glory. It’s your garden to enjoy and share. The garlic balbs that remain from the gorgeous flowering process can be saved for the next fall planting. Remember, these miracles are recyclable.