What are these climate, culture and  soul changes? Have you seen them in your lifetime? Does every generation see these  changes and if so at what speed? These can be time consuming questions that might well stretch ones brain. These questions themselves could create changes in forms of thought patterns and the lifestyle of a soul.

A few decades past, for those of us at the age of remembrance, we recall the widespread attention in the political world concerning climate change. The subject highly controversial at the time was presented with scientific facts from research that were eye opening to the subject. Laws were passed to ensure change in human behavior and lifestyle. These laws were passed in hopes for remedy in the dangerous climate changes ahead that scientific research produced for our knowledge and consideration.

Today a few changes are visible in the overall global lifestyle due to the climate change predictions of science and the laws passed. Economy is actually a large word and the changes within it from that time till now are just as enormous in size. Our vehicles can actually be powered by electricity. This can be seen as a nice remedy to emissions that harm the atmosphere’s protective zone.  Currently,  more than aerosol spray cans to manual push pump kind of changes are in place and progressing though into our culture. New York State for example has allowed 100 self driving cars to be in operation this year for testing purposes by only the New York State Troopers themselves. Uber may appear to be a big change in how we hail a taxi cab these days with the technology they have as tools being as great as Google. Technology itself has changed the lifestyle of our world making the value within the economy and the economy itself something that appears to be emensly different than what our world has known for years longer than I want to type out. It equals all of history.

The pace of these changes look and feel simular to birthing pains. Speed has increased to the rate of ” wow, who can keep up?” We can just get comfortable with the idea that from the touch of a hand held computer we can have our needs & wants purchased and delivered to our door in less than a day, when suddenly another change is implemented. The new device you payed a few paychecks for, is now a year later an incompatible, old school,  outdated device. Forward ahead in the name of progress is a deep driver for all of humanity wether independent or a group.

Are you able to keep up? Do we enjoy buying new stuff this much? How about new stuff that’s really the same? I grew up thankful we didn’t have to replace things. I’m confident our forefathers would agree. At minimum gramps may verify if asked. Once it was owned it was treasured ( possibly attached to the wall ) and the list of what was to be obtained had a finished ( ✔ ) check on it. Gaining is something humanity will always want to do. Some call it “The human ambition”. Machines themselves, since the first automobile appeared on the scene, have  always shown a need to be replaced. Their ” ambition span ” doesn’t seem to match us humans.To this day once purchased wether its a vehicle, telephone, pc, or laundry machines the value decreases the minute it becomes ours. Continuous replacement of what we already own can make one feel as if they are missing out on progress and chasing their tale in an endless circle of consuming in the name of meeting needs.

Life has changes. Anyone involved in it knows this as fact. Negative and positive changes abound without escape. If you’re signed up for life then you know living it takes minimal time to experience this fact. Changes change no matter the type or level.  History proves that purposeful changes with righteous motives have certainly provided goodness to humanity through out time. Perhaps that’s the explanation to the intense increase in the pace of change, in all catogories that we see today. Maybe we are living on purpose with a purpose. Wouldn’t we all like to think so?

It makes sense to improve upon what we’ve created. On the subject of technology and machines, we know its all human made. Anyone walking life awake can verify living and learning is not just a theory but an actual event. Not a one of us has gotten it all right first step out of the cradle even with manuals and guidance. Improvement is growth and growth (realized or not) is the goal. Simple life cycles of all life show us that. From little to big grows the pine out back while the puppy learns to potty near it. So what are we growing to and what’s the speed up in demand for it?

Climate has changed despite the changes we’ve made as a whole to remedy the damage our unaware selves created. We see the extremes science predicted in weather changes. Lifestyles have changed not just because of the wether and unseen forces but due to the technology applied in lifestyles. Our economy sees the forced changes of nature and lifestyle within it. Its evident the reduction in use of fossil fuel and using renewable resources of water, solar and wind are improvement changes that are with a purpose to heal our planet Earth. These changes power our economy and lifestyle. Just the same as the technology and laws of use do.

I’m curious still if humanity is keeping up with the pace. In the midst of such ever increasing  speed of change, is one able to make long term plans? Are we able to achieve financial goals while replacing devices, power sources and enduring lifestyle change on the continuous regular? How about an instant currency change and a whole new financial value system in place? Will these hinder long term planning or self sufficiency?

The possibilities have proven endless when peeking into history from what we record as the presumed beginning. Growth and progress for humanity visibly climb the charts of historical records clear up to now. The cycle shows itself real however,  in all of humanities records. Unchanging in the facts that life starts, stops and does a ton of evolving in the middle. Thats my favorite fun part! The solid unchanging of real, like water is wet. The predictable changes present without human will. The you can count on it kind. Its been written, read, said and verified that there  is a time and a place appropriate for every season. The prudent hold confidence in this principal. Success in their chosen gains and contentments are visibly measurable.

Soul changes can acur when the reality of change is imposed by either choice or force. People in our lives, places our feet have felt, visions our eyes see and more can all create a change in a soul, both seen and felt. Changes one might say that  are “good” or “bad” are perceived- yet still known in a tangible way. This change can be a permanent one,  in that the bite of a dog causes a soul to no longer trust dog creatures. Often souls once fearing a game, upon winning gain confidence well earned with practice. This can be a temporary change just as well as a permanent one. It could be soul damaging or simply pleasant growth that carries the soul throughout the whole journey. Perspectives along with knowledge and experience play roles here, as you probably know. We all know the one soul who “fears” the dog and probably another that simply commands and controls the creature. Its possible both souls have once been bit with different outcomes in the soul change.

Questions are for the wise to ask and answer. Asking much and then asking more provides a mind so full it must remain open and packed full of knowledge. What is asked here is, Can we keep up with the pace? Do our souls grow as fast as the wether changes? Do we ever learn to command the dogs? Will fear of them forever suffer certain souls? As we can see in a journey, Soul growth and solved mysteries happen at many different paces. Just the same, we see them acur. Walking, running and even flying does happen for us humans.

Climate change, in particular due to global warming, has shown that the planet Earth actually does have a lifestyle preference of its very own. We as humans can relate. The demands we’ve imposed upon our Earth appear to be more than Earth desires or is built for. We know that weights of a soul can run deep creating drastic soul change too. What soul change can a soul endure if told the living body has cancer and may die? I’m confident in saying deep is the answer even if the change is positive or not. Humanity has forced lifestyle changes upon planet Earth that has produced a change in the behavior of the physical planet Earth. 

We as human beings have souls inside physical matter made up of the same as our earth and environment. Our Earth is either growing fast or suffering ailments. The truth of science studies still show our planet Earth to have symptoms of pollution and weight gain that has made its life cycle experience change. Change that also our souls endure while catastrophic wether events once thought to be horrific have become common expected regular events at a growing pace.  Drastic changes in fast pace living are upon us. Economy is seeing drastic change at that same fast pace. Uber has purchased airway rights at sky scraper level for their future use from NASA. They currently own and plan to soon use self driving drones for taxi services. That will be an impressive change in the way we see taxi service operations.  Will our souls barely touch the ground from such a growth spurt? Will we need to? Consider prepared food brought to your 12th floor purchased by the swipe of something that verifies the worth of your account. 

Where we work,  how we work and achieve our ambitions and gains (in accounts or whatever we value that has value) is the drastic economy change. Minimal staple careers exist as we recently new them for more than decades. The operator is now Google* or whatever go to one may have. The transfer is digital in virtual realities. The value of things, such as service and natural  resources have endured the change of  information becoming and actually being the largest virtual value of economy. Bitcoins, capital earned by new systems, and virtual value is a mandate in our economy. It is earned and spent virtually virtual with digital technology and devices. What does that leave a soul to do in a real tangible physical realm? Grow and change is what has been clearly evident in my journey and the records of history that humanity has seen.

What kind of change is in our willed progress beside the forced changes the powers that be produce? Will the North freeze solid in a day and last for generations? Will the water consume cities while Earth quakes itself into cracked peices? Will our feet stop feeling the soil as we swipe Bitcoins for a ride to Jetsonville? Can our souls keep up with all this change at such a fast pace? Are we sure where we are heading and why? 

The earth is over weight so flying fleet could help Earths weight problems. Our ability to produce and grow may change, yet it appears in all of life it isn’t found to be completely stopped, only changed. Comanding the waves and the wind like they’re just angry dogs is something like walking on water. I suppose like those who believe in commanding the dogs, one might have some strenght in asking how to do such a thing like commanding elements with just the strength of thought & sound from the soul. At minimum perhaps create an app for that and make a lot of Bitcoins. If ever stuck on the 12th floor with no carrots to grow, notify Uber for transport to Spock’s house for a logical discussion about what to eat for dinner while pondering the changes that have been, the Changes that will be and of course how they are perceived by you and me. Do our visions take us to eternity? 


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