Why Holistic Healing has proven true to me.


Who has reservations about the idea of chewing a leaf fresh from the ground? Many is the answer, after all it could have been peed on, right? In today’s culture (America in particular) we are intelligent with advanced tools of technology, In addition to a wealth of history to draw from. Scientific research is well equipted to study and grow what we know. So why resort to primal leaf chewing?

What about neglecting a doctor visit when ailments & pain appear? I’m confident more than many have reservations about that idea. Especially knowing these two facts. Our culture, our politics, our economics, our training ( bulletin boards, media, pharmacudical ads, the school nurse, immunization laws and more…) all contribute to conditioning our first response to ailments and pain to be… a doctor visit. We go because our surroundings say so!

The second factor in our choice to run to the doctor or even the local pharmacy for solutions when ailments and pain appear is simular to the first. Education is key. A favorite quote versed in the bible that I hold dear is this – “my people suffer from a lack of knowledge.” Who really knows about leaf chewing or even what leaf to chew or why? Herbal Solutions don’t always involve leaf chewing so don’t think its as simple or boaring as that.

Holistic healing isn’t just all about chewing leaves or skipping professional, well studied, honest guidance. Its about Holistic Health. The whole entire- healthy. A lifestyle of awareness, gratitude, contentment with the realities and more that create a healthy whole.

Life’s events unraveled major truths through out the years, that I didn’t ask for. Truths I still study and employ this far. My choice to deny participation in today’s pharmaceutical and doctor practices has been ongoing and solid since 2002. A cancer diagnosis, my career of 15+ yrs, and my faith brought me to this place in life where I know what I know. All the proven facts tell me so.

My cancer story, career history and personal experiences will unfold throughout the lifetime of this blog. Today I can tell you my Holistic approach to life and the practices within it have protected, healed and provide comfort within my whole. I have zero reservations about skipping the doctor and the pharmacudical treatments available.

For now without any further facts, I challenge you to consider a cup of herbal FluFixer tea the next time you have the flu. (Ask yourself what can the doctor do? Go ahead and ask him too!)  Test the power of a leaf when your wrist and elbow hurt. Ask yourself,  how many reservations you have about wrapping carpel tunnel with a leaf verses slicing by knife? Which one would you try first? Aren’t you already limited from the pain?

Reserving yourself to one mindset with one book of knowledge may not be enough to navigate  a world of deception, or at minimum we should say a world full of hidden truths and lots of conditioning. Honestly look around with open eyes and ask yourself…Do you have any reservations about that?

Flu Fixer Tea