The element alive in three phases.

Water exists as itself in three tranformational phases. How nice for this element that it can return to itself from any phase. The beautiful element of water is life. The characteristics of it can be an eye opening reprentation of life itself.

Many studies including scientific and simple unaware observation has verified water is life. We are made of water. All living things contain 60- 90% water. Nothing living can live without water. In fact according to

 H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.” Life is water, water is life.

Life has phases, water has phases and yes, we too have phases. I see a pattern here. I’m confident further research, scientific and simple conscious observation; can show us many dots connected in this scinero.

So where’s the connection between us and water. We don’t turn to frozen ice, do we? We would impress ourselves if we could carve our own path through rocks at will, right? Some may say transforming our selves to the lightest weight of mist and floating away into the atmosphere would be wonderful! Have you heard that before?

If tomorrows news has reports of human vapor flying around we might all have to think way deeper than conscious observation or scientific lab work. Changes on that scale would be alarming. I trust that’s not tomorrows report, yet my experience can guarantee changes ahead for us all.

Changes of transformation that may push through some rock, or even grow a new seed. Life has the changes and so do we. Some currently have frozen water in their lawns in the form of many a one snowflake. Soon those flakes will all be in the creek. Maybe soon you’ll be near the creek. Maybe you’ll find a camp near it. Perhaps set one for yourself?

Not all changes are predictable. Some force us to flow like water right straight through them. Others are planned. All of us here at ShineOnValley wish for you to enjoy the changes ahead along with the joy and strength to transform with them. 

Take a walk this spring with us here at Shine On Valley and we will enjoy the changes together. 

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